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Airbrush Kit 3

 R 4000-00   

Excluding postage >5 kg

· 1 x Comp 04K

· 4 x 22cc spout bottles.

· 1 x 30 ml black body paint.

· 1 x 50mm  x100m application tape.

· 1 x 5set 30ml/1 fl oz body paint.

        White, Blue ,

        Green ,Yellow ,Red

· 1 x 30ml Isopropyl alcohol.

· 1 x How to use a Airbrush guide.

· 1 x Stencil Book 1-100 with Banner

· 20 ass re-use able stencils Free!


Perfect to start complete business : includes how to :DVD

· Do +/- 100 Large tattoo’s with  Black Ink in this Kit.

· That’s  120  re-use able Stencils

Perfect for mobile business :

includes how to instructions:

             That’s over 106 re-use able Stencils

SPECIFICATIONS  -Mini Compressor  travel kit

· AC DC dual power supply choice

· Up to 90mins run-time on full charge

· Suitable for airbrush dia. 0.2-0.5mm

· Packaged in a aluminum handy case

· Includes Airbrush 0.3mm SG A130

· Braided hose.


Airbrush Kit 4

 R 3800-00 >5kg

        Comp 13 with extra’s .Excluding postage

· 1 x 50mm  x100m application tape.

· 1 x 30ml Isopropyl alcohol.

· 1 x How to use a Airbrush guide.

· 1 x L Stencil Book 1-100

· 6-SA Rugby 100mmx70mm  Adhesive Stencils Free!.



Specials may 2014

Valid till :31/05/2014

Durable 1000x600mm PVC Banner

Eyelids optional & @extra$!

Stencil Picture size may vary

Stencil vinyl color may vary